moore thoughts #1; we’re all in this together

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Last Monday I spent a day at Moore College with a whole bunch of other people for the launch of the Priscilla and Aquilla Centre. The goal of the centre is to look at women’s roles in ministry, further them, and encourage men and women to be partners in ministry. Some of the time it felt like I was in way over my head by even stepping foot in the lecture room, but nevertheless, I’ve had almost a week to process these thoughts and so I thought the next few days I’d share some of my thoughts with you.

The first? We’re all in this together. Yep, just like High School Musical, but often with a lot less enthusiasm in singing. In the corporate workplace there is this dynamic that has women fighting for the same place as men, to prove something to the world about what we women are capable of. Sometimes it seems like ministry is that same sort of competition. Women try to prove that they are just as capable as men, and even more so. I’ll admit to feeling that way myself sometimes.

Ministry is not about competition, though. It is not about women being just as gifted as men, or men being the head of the woman. That is an issue, yes, but it is not THE issue. Maybe sometimes it would be wise to ditch the debate and think about why we do ministry in the first place. Then, maybe, we wont be so eager to put boxing gloves on and punch at each other with quotes from dead theologians and out of context Bible passages.

We are broken, and in need of grace. God has given us grace through the sacrifice.

And this is what we’re all involved in. Together.


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