I love new media.

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

New media gives us impressive new mediums with which to communicate to each other and to people we have never met. It gives us opportunities to share thoughts, to organise events, to ask for opinions and even, to be accountable to each other. That’s the positive side of it and, I love that side of it. Twitter conversations about God make me smile, advice about ministry from the other side of the world, and engaging in conversation of a conference on another continent is just… well, epic. But then…

Then you actually log out of your fantasy world and into Facebook or Twitter, or you flick through Tumblr or read some blogs and you see that people are saying things that they would never say loudly in public, in the very public forum that is provided by new media. It doesn’t make sense. We don’t curse or cuss into microphones at church, so why are we happy to curse and cuss into the microphone that is media?

We have a chance to use this for God’s glory, and it ends up being the way we show that God’s glory is the last thing on our minds.

Is that really the message we want to send?


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