In a house, somewhere in Sydney, a group gathered together tonight. From four different churches, running four different youth ministries, they came together to pray for each other and to give the year of ministry to come to the God who the ministries are all about. It seems like it wasn’t such a big deal. What does it matter, you ask, if a group of people sit in a room and pray together? Don’t people do that every week in Bible studies? Yes, they do.

Tonight, though, I saw a glimpse of what ministry should always look like. I saw youth ministries throw off the idol of competition for numbers, I saw youth ministries confirm that we are partners in the gospel, I saw Christians come together under one God, as part of THE one church, and pray for each other. Tonight I felt the presence of God in that room where we gathered. Tonight, I knew God was smiling on His people as we praised him and pleaded with him to open doors for the coming year.

Tonight, in a house somewhere in Sydney, I got a glimpse of unity. And it was amazing, because the God that unifies us is more amazing than we can comprehend.


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