This year…

crossroads are intimidating

Image by güneş in wonderland via Flickr

2011 is a weird year for me. You see, it could be seen as a year of waiting because there’s a year to wait before I go to Moore Theological College. That’s the bad way to look at it, though. The better way, and if you have the best way do please tell me, is to look at it as a year of growing & getting ready. It’s a year where there are unique challenges and unique opportunities to consider things I wouldn’t have had the chance to before this. Here’s the thing, though, I’m honestly intimidated by it! I’m intimidated because I know that if I’m not committed to what’s happening this year, then it will have been a year wasted. And John Piper told me not to waste my life, so I better not waste a whole year of it!

Here’s the three major things that are going on this year:

Church: I’ve got the awesome blessing of being able to serve a church community as assistant youth pastor two days a week. In this particular situation, it means lunchtime groups, high school scripture, youth group, night church and a Sunday morning program with the older primary school kids. God taught me a lot as I did this last year and this year won’t be any different, I don’t think.

Youthworks: I finished up my Diploma of Theology last year with Youthworks and looking back at those two years, I can’t say that I regret them. In fact, they were two years in which I learnt hard lessons personally, got to know God more as we looked closer at who he is and His word, and this year, they’ve decided to let me stick around and do a subject simply because I can. This is a chance to stay involved with college life and be stretched some more.

University: Praise God for Open Universities Australia, I say! Why? They allow me to do university subjects without having to drag myself to a university campus. This year I’m hoping to get a decent amount of a degree done… for those of you who are curious, it’s a Bachelor of Arts with Macquarie Uni, with a focus on sociology. This is the most intimidating part, I think. I’ve never done university before. It’s a whole new learning experience and doing it by correspondence makes it a little more challenging, too.

That’s the three big things that will take up my time this year. There’s a lot more going on, but that’s not stuff that fits into categories that are neat and tidy. One other thing is that I’m trying to read a book a week. This week I’ve already got two books open and neither finished – The Vertical Self by Mark Sayers, and Renegade by Richard Wolffe.

Anyway, that’s how my year looks so far. I’d appreciate your prayers and your support in any way you can offer it. Even if it is in the occasional coffee just to hang out and chat.


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