IF hope comes from above, then somebody better change the channel. All we can see at the moment is rain.

Kay Dibben, news.com.au

The floods in Queensland just keep getting worse, it seems. Julia Gillard addressed the media yesterday, saying among other things that we need to brace ourselves for more bad news. A teenage girl and her brother, in his 20’s, huddled in a roof as their parents were washed away and their bodies found a few hours later. A mother and her 13 year old son were the first victims of the floods. It all seems senseless. It seems like chaos has come and it’s way too close to home to make any sense.

There are no words to say that can truly do anything to help. There is no way to sooth this open would as we wait for this to end. But there is hope. Hebrews 6:19 says that ‘we have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.’ In all of this, there is an anchor for the soul that will be firm and secure even when the world seems to have gone crazy. That anchor is the hope that we have in Jesus – the truth that we are not orphans here, that he will never us or forsake us, that in spite of current circumstances, God is in control. Hope.

There is hope. It is not an easy answer to a hard problem but it must be said that God has not left us. Before some crazy preacher comes out and says that the floods are a message from God about some political policy, I want to say that God is love. God is not out to get us.

When the water goes down, and the recovery begins, let’s use more than our words to make a difference. Donate money and if you can, and you have the opportunity, go and help out. Let’s not let hope get lost in these floods. Hope is alive and well. God will not leave us. God has not forsaken us.

My words aren’t much, I know. There are no words that will fix this. I have no profound way to finish this.

The end, I suppose.


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