In the sleepy day that follows New Years Eve, I’ve got plenty of time to think about the year that’s passed. Coffee, Maple Story and cheesy ABC TV are what make up today and though in theory I should be doing an assignment, it’s nice to take time to relax and dare I say it, reflect. 2010 was a crazy year. A lot happened. I made a lot of mistakes. I learnt a lot of lessons. And though all of it, God was and is working even when I don’t always notice it. God is the centre of everything, He is the cause of everything, He is the catalyst of every change.

I’ve borrowed these topics from a blog I recently started reading – Modern Reject. Here goes nothing, right?

Biggest achievement. Moving. It meant changing churches, it meant new friends, it meant distance from old friends who had been there though so much.  But, with the help of those friends, the move happened and it’s been something I haven’t regretted. God asked me to trust him… to jump, and the jump was worth it.

Biggest failure. Slips of the tongue.

Biggest surprise. The friendships that formed with people who I never expected them to form with. It’s amazing how God places us in different places with different people when He has different things to teach us. The biggest surprise this year was that the people He placed around me were nothing like the people I was used to, and exactly the people needed to do some big shaping and molding…

Worst day. When the untamed tongue got dangerous.

Best day. One day a college friend and I decided to go find waterfalls, and so we did. It wasn’t summer, so even though it was sunny, the water was freezing. We sat underneath this waterfall about five minutes into bushland and shivered and squealed and it felt like we were far away from the world. The cold water made me feel alive. It was a great day with someone who I’d never spend much time with before then. New friendships, and time with God to remind us that we’re alive. Epic.

Biggest lesson learned. God is in control.


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