You give me hope, in spite of everything…

There are a million reasons why we should let go of hope. There are a million reasons why giving up makes much more sense than holding on. There are a million people who have given up hope before you and they seem okay, don’t they? Perhaps hope is overrated. Perhaps hope is a lie. Perhaps it’ll all amount to nothing.

But he gives us hope, in spite of everything.

Hope is a hard light to put out and one tiny light in darkness is still light, isn’t it? God has given us hope. God has always given us hope. God is always up to something even if we can’t see exactly what it is, and if we could see we’d probably try to convince him that our idea is by far superior to his. Hope. Hope is found not in people or presents or friends or family. We can see it in them. We can be reminded of it by them.

But the hope that we have… in spite of everything… is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness. Those are not mere lyrics. It is the truth.

He gives us hope.

In spite of everything.

Perhaps today… this Christmas… is dark for you. Perhaps you began the day with tears and it will end that way. Perhaps this Christmas is another bright day to spend with family. Either way, friends, our hope is found in God. And that is it.

In spite of everything…


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