On thinking you’re alone…


I think one of the most powerful feelings is loneliness. It grips you and once it has hold there really isn’t any easy way to shake it off. You spend time with friends and still, the feeling remains even though it makes no sense. It’s a familiar feeling for me. Not today, but some days I’m so gripped by it that I don’t know what to do.

It is in those moments that I experience the grace of God through his people… Through the church. A lot of people write the church off as useless, but in truth, I think churches are the most solid communities around because even though the people are as messy as a soup sandwich, their foundation is solid. On Christ the solid rock we stand, right? In the loneliness, when we come to gather together, often something will help shake it away.

It may be a prayer that is said for you even though the person speaking has no idea.
It may be a song where the voices and instruments mix together in a way that makes you sure you are part of something.
It may be a friend taking the time to sit and talk with you about anything and everything, even if half of it makes no sense.

This is my thought for today, I think. Loneliness is powerful… But God is bigger than it.


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