Lip Ring: In or Out?

I was reading ‘You: An Introduction’ by Michael Jensen today. I’ve had it on my shelf for a while and occasionally read a chapter or two. It deserves more attention than I give it, but today I read about tattoos and piercings for a little bit within the book and apparently, according to some people he spoke to, piercings assert control and independence and non-conformity. I’m not wiling to disagree with that claim, I don’t think. But it has made me think a little bit about my own piercing.

My piercing is a lip ring that I’ve had for a little over two years now. It is helpful in two main ways: to break down a barrier with some teenagers, and to give me something to chew on when I’m nervous instead of biting my nails. Though, when it comes to some ministry, I do wonder whether the cons of the lip ring out weigh the pros. As Jensen asserted, it displays a degree of non-conformity – ‘defiance’, I think was one of the words used. With that impression in mind, how helpful is it for me to have that in? Is it contrary to the impression that God would call me to have on people?

Personally, I like my lip piercing. I’m used to it. I feel a little naked without it in. But I suppose I’m asking the question here. Lip ring… in or out?


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