The Bible.

Bible en français.

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I was given a Bible the week after I became a Christian. I’d had a few Bibles before, but within their covers there were scrawled cuss words and pleas to a God that I was convinced didn’t exist. The Bibles I’d had were as scarred as me at that point. After I became a Christian, my youth leader gave me an NIV study Bible. She’d normally get a teen devotional Bible for someone that age, she’d said, but she figured I’d prefer a study Bible. She was correct about that.

I still have that Bible. I still use it. It’s got post it notes taped to the front of it from various college lectures, and it has passages highlighted and notes scribbled through it about different passages and questions marks beside the bits and pieces that I didn’t understand, and often, still don’t! That Bible has meaning to me.

There is something special about the Bible you have had for a while, but more importantly, I think we need to reconnect with the amazement we felt when we first realised what the Bible is. It is books from different genres, written by different people, in different times, for different purposes, and each of them introduces us to the very same God. The pages are so thin that if you pull too hard they’ll rip – Romans 4 in mine is taped back together from too much usage. The contents are amazing and sometimes confusing and sometimes shocking. This book that we let collect dust is truly something special.

I remember that feeling. I pray that others have that same feeling when they are given a Bible, when they hold it in their hands for the first time and flick through the pages. I pray that God will amaze them with His Word and reveal himself through it. And I pray that I won’t lose that amazement…


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