This is how I study. I get a white board and write and draw until it looks like a kindy kid had way too much fun with markers. This particular white board is located in the church I go to and possibly scared a few youth away from going too close to Genesis 1-3 for a little while. It all seems a little more complex now to them. Wonder why?

There is a method to my madness, though. I don’t study like this simply because it’s pretty – although, that is a large part of my motivation – I study like this because there is something that helps me connect with information when it is colourful. It makes it easier to understand, it makes it more interesting to look at and when it comes to studying, I need to understand and be interested otherwise it just wont stick in my head for more than a few minutes.

Sometimes I think we treat the Bible like a bland text book. We read the accounts of people’s lives within it in monotone voices and we explain it methodically, as if these accounts have no real impact, as if they are cold hard fact that we must memorise but not know… and I mean know deep down in our core. This term with some teenagers on a Sunday morning, we are going through the Gospel of John bit by bit. Simply reading and then discussing it. As we do this, I am finding that God is showing me the value and life of his Word.

He is adding colour to it as we try to work out the tone in which something is said, or how offensive a certain action was. He is adding colour as we laugh, realising the subtle humour behind some of Jesus’ words that we had missed before. He is adding colour as we realise that this book that we treat as something that exists and is necessary to learn about and from is not just a book. It is God’s living and active word, and I am learning to love it more. I am experiencing God through it.

I love the colour. I love the life. I wonder why before this term I have never really seen it as clearly…


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