Community & Vulnerability

Today there is a lot on my mind. I am wondering about community and the power of it. I am wondering about vulnerability and the need for it within communities. I am wondering how our relationship with God effects our ability to interact vulnerably within our communities.

Something happened over the weekend that hurt a school community more than most people can comprehend. Something similar happened when I was a teenager and it had the same consequences. What happened? A student died way too early for all the wrong reasons, and don’t hear me doubting God’s control over all of this, but do hear me saying that it is a confusing situation to see God’s will in. I don’t understand why my friend died. I don’t understand why this boy did, either. But what has happened is that a school community and those associated with it are suddenly unified. They feel the grief and shock of loss, they all realise that life can be cut short and they feel a confused pain and can find no words to sooth these new wounds. Unity in the midst of tragedy is a powerful thing.

There are people who always try to be strong. They will refuse to fall apart in front of anyone, refuse to show weakness, refuse to fall down. They see showing scars and wounds as something to be ashamed of. Sometimes, I am one of those people. Vulnerability is necessary for growth, though. It is not only there for growth, but central to healing. How can we heal when we wont even acknowledge our wounds? How can we stand when we wont admit that we have fallen?

This brings me to vulnerability within community. The thought here is simple.

It is needed.

Don’t hide your hurts.

Don’t hide your smiles, either.

Masks? They’re poison to our churches.

Take them off, please.


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