Fighters, Kids & Overcomers.

Jack's Mannequin at The Blue Note

Image by ficusrock via Flickr

“You were the fighter, I was a kid against the world.”

Dear Jack, Jack’s Mannequin

I can’t justify my current love of this lyric. It’s stuck in my head and I keep on pressing ‘back’ on the iPod just to hear the song again. The story of the song, as far as I know, is that Jack was a kid who had cancer and was fighting it. Andrew, the writer of the song, didn’t have cancer at that point but later on got leukemia and had to fight through it. I think the lyric might just stick out to me because as I encounter different people, they are fighters, and they are also kids against the world. They are struggling. They are trying to make something positive happen. They are trying.

God values these people. He values all people, yeah, but I think he has a soft spot for fighters. In the individual addresses to churches in Revelation there is constant mention of blessings for those who ‘overcome’. The fighters. The ones who struggle and strive and fail and flail and keep on trying through it all. To him who overcomes.

This seems contrary to my previous post about God being on the throne. Both are themes taken from Revelation, so they are taken from the same piece of literature. How can I place them alongside each other?

Here’s the thing. The fighters & kids against the world should know that God is in control, they while they fight and flail, he has a plan and he is working it for the good of those who love him. He is working through you. I’m not talking about the people who rebel for the sake of it. I’m talking about Christians who keep going in spite of difficulty and pain and struggle.

We are fighters. We are God’s kids against the world. He is in control. He is on our side.

Keep fighting.



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