Holy Cheesus!

A promotional balloon for Glee in New York City.

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Oh wow.  Oooooh wow. I could write ten million posts about it, and most of them would be positive. Here’s a brief list of what I would write about, some serious, some a little insane:

  • Finn’s insane worship of a grilled cheese sandwich
  • Puck’s awesome version of Only The Good Die Young
  • Rachel’s crazy reaction to Finn’s “conversion”
  • Mercede’s kind approach to Kurt’s atheism
  • Kurt’s justification for his atheism
  • Santana and Brit’s lack of ability to be loyal to either cheerleading or Glee
  • Kurt’s dad’s speech about the sacred Friday night dinners
  • Su’s lack of faith because God didn’t heal her sister
  • Su’s bitterness towards other people’s faith because of their religion
There’s more, I assure you, but that’s where my head is at today. I wont, however, inflict all of those posts upon you because that would take a lot of my time and you probably wouldn’t read past this post. I will, however, talk about what I think was one of the best things about the episode.
It talks about God.
It doesn’t allude to God in super subtle ways that you have to be a genius to see. It really brings up the subject and in a charming and not always deep way let’s us into the heads of the Glee club and what they each think about God.
At a beach mission meeting a while ago someone suggested that we get people to write down their ‘world view’ on a sticker and then enter into discussion with people about that world view, with the aim of having people with views contrary to Christianity change their label by the end of the day. I don’t think it would work. But this episode did something. It gave teenagers someone to relate to when it comes to their view. Some kids will be agreeing with Kurt that God is Santa for adults, others with Mercedes… I hope no one agrees with insaneFinn at the beginning of the episode. If you do, let me know and we’ll chat.  I’m curious.
Point is that there is a face to a world view. There is a point of discussion, and it comes with music.
Su Sylvester was right when she was talking about how religion shouldn’t be discussed in school – not that I agree with that – but it is a taboo subject among teenagers. For a small time we have the chance to use this episode as a way to discuss and I think we should. It’s an opening. It’s a segway.
And did I mention that I really liked the music?
(more intelligent thoughts on this episode coming another day…)

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