Past the Puzzle, to the Meaning….

Defeating the Anti-Christ

Image by Salim Virji via Flickr

Is Revelation about the future, the present or the past?

Is Oprah the anti-Christ or was Luther?

Is the Beast something to do with Rome or something to do with America?

Here’s my thought. That those questions completely miss the point of Revelation. We get caught in the little intricacies of the puzzle, wondering how they fit together and what each tiny piece means and we never step back to look and what it’s all about… What the BIG picture is, not just of the book, but of how it fits within the rest of the Bible. Luther at one point thought that Revelation had no worth because he figured that Christ wasn’t taught or revealed. Later in life he changed his mind, and I think it is because he looked at the big picture.

This isn’t a book that you can take the addresses to the seven churches from and preach to your church as if they are the only part that exists. It isn’t the epistles.

This isn’t a book that you can analyze the trippy imagery of and leave it at that.

It is a book that was written to persecuted people, to tell them that in spite of how messed up things were, and how much they were suffering… God was still on the throne. He still is! God is in control. The lamb has won! Yes, there are crazy images, but… you’re meant to walk away confident in the fact that God has it all in control and that he has won and will bring the Kingdom to its consummation one day.

This is a short post and it’s a bit of a rant, but I had to get it out of my system.

God’s on the throne. The Lamb has won.

Please, see that before you go crosseyed staring at the puzzle for too long. There is a big picture.


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