Apathetic or Searching?

Some have accused today’s teenagers of being apathetic towards anything and everything. They don’t care about much, they just want to have fun and live life. I’m inclined to disagree with those people, and stick my ‘optimist’ hat on to challenge that view. Are you ready for this?

I think that today’s youth are searching for more than truth. Some truth can work for me, and they can understand the reasoning and logic, but when it comes down to it, the fact that it’s a belief that makes sense doesn’t make someone believe it. I agree with my friend Matt’s reasoning that maths is helpful for life, but in no way will I take on that belief simply because it makes sense. It’s the same – and much more serious – with teenagers and God.

Apologetics sparks thoughts of debate in people’s minds – we want to have the right answers to the right questions and when someone asks that question, BAM, we’re ready with our well rehearsed answer. And yet, they don’t listen. They don’t call Jesus their Lord and Saviour. Why not? If they agree that you make sense, that you’re probably right, why don’t they convert?!

It’s simple. The fact that you have an answer doesn’t convince them that they should adopt your worldview. But… then there’s a comment Peter makes in one of his letters (at least, I think it’s Peter)… He talks about living an attractive life. The reason I became a Christian was that it worked. The youth leaders and my Christian friends didn’t simply show up to youth group and church and then do nothing, but the gospel affected their lives. They lived differently. And it WORKED.

I’ve got a friend who defends Christianity by telling his challengers to “f**k off” and taking another swig of his beer.

Not effective.

I’ve got another friend who wrote me letters about what God was teaching her. She explained the gospel to me countless times, and when I shut her down however I could, she kept on trying… she didn’t snap back.

Sure, telling someone to get lost will make you feel like you’ve won an argument – but what are we trying to do? Win or introduce people to Jesus? And when they get there… this generation of people who are seeking life will shout it out loud that they have found LIFE. Real life. Alive life. Not the world’s poor imitations.


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