The last week I spent an hour or so a day packing my stuff up into bags and boxes, and cleaning bits and pieces. It was all building up to today – when all that stuff (and there was a lot of it…) was put into a car and moved to a new place. I moved into a granny flat at the back of someone vaguely connected to my churches house. In packing, though, I end up looking through my stuff and laughing at how sentimental I am in keeping some things, and how stupid I was to leave a block of chocolate in a box of sheets.

Today I noticed that on my whiteboard I still have a quote from Song of Songs. It says: “I am my beloved’s, and his desire is for me.” Why would I write that on my whiteboard? Because it said something to me that I don’t consider enough.

As I read that verse and let it bounce around my mind, I realise that God does not merely love me out of an obligation like an angry father mutters a begrudging “I love you” as his child leaves for school, but he loves me in a way that I cannot comprehend. He cares about me. He smiles. He is invested in me. It is not a disconnected love. It is a radical love.

That brings me to the next thought that runs through my scattered brain, and it is this –

I went to a place called Madden’s Falls recently with a friend from college, and we played underneath a freezing cold freshwater waterfall. After we dried off, we walked back towards the car and talked about how we think that sometimes God is simply showing off. I take that back. I think he is trying to woo us. I think this is God giving us his much more beautiful equivalent of a bunch of flowers.

Perhaps, God just wants to remind us that he is our Beloved, and his desire is for us.

And that makes me smile.


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