Reading: The Furious Longing of God (Brennan Manning)

There aren’t many people whose books I like more than Brennan Manning‘s. He is vulnerable in his telling of his life, and always pointing the reader towards the love of God. It seems like a simplistic way to write, but he is right to stay where he has. His books force me to ditch theological jargon, forget the complexities of the atonement and get back to understanding that God loves me.

And as The Furious Longing of God reminds me, that he even likes me. That the God of the universe wants to spend time with someone as broken as me. When I want to walk away, when I want to scream “I hate you!” like an insolent child, God still loves me… In fact, he still likes me. I needed that reminder.

He also points to a verse in Song of Songs that says: I am my beloved’s, his desire is for me…. I have had it repeating in my mind since. I am my beloved’s. His desire is for me. It is… insane that God could love me. It is even more insane that he would want to spend time with me.

But he does.

I’m not finished with the book yet, but I’m sure the rest is just as good…


2 thoughts on “Reading: The Furious Longing of God (Brennan Manning)

  1. transientglory says:

    that was a great review of this book. He’s my favorite author. Its good to know other people are reading his stuff.


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