Disciplined Disciple

be still

I am not a disciplined person by nature. The order of my week typically is decided by my moods, and my to-do lists are scrawled onto post-it notes and stuck up on a whiteboard. It isn’t really a great way of doing things, but it works… some of the time.

Whenever I feel the Holy Spirit prompting me about something, my immediate response is to get organised and then things will change. My life needs to be in order and then I will submit to the Spirit’s shaping. It doesn’t actually work that way, but it’s my first reaction.

Last week someone spoke about how our theology of work will shape how we live. That is, that if we look at the creation story and see that before sin there was still work, we will understand that God’s intention is not for us to sit around playing the harp all day, but to be productive. Maybe that’s part of our image bearing. I am painfully aware that I lack the discipline to really live that productive life and I need to work at it with God’s help. But that’s a tangent, that isn’t the point I’m trying to get at. It is relevant, I promise.

As disciples we need to be open to God changing us. Sometimes our response should be to get organised and manage our time well, other times, I think, we need to let God be God and hear him out before we jump into action. We need to sit still and let him shape our hearts and thus, shape our lives. Sometimes, being a disciplined disciple will mean being disciplined enough to turn off your computer and your phone and taking enough time to just… listen.

That’s also something I need to work at… Or let God show me, rather.


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