A Place of Conversation

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There is truth. There are different perceptions of truth. My experience of God may be different to yours and your experience of life may be different to mine. That does not negate either of our views, or make either view superior. It does put us all in a privileged position where we can process thoughts in the open. We can share ideas and help to shape each other’s views. Each of our views is just as valid as the next persons.

But, you think and I think, what about those who have theological degrees? Aren’t they more qualified to have opinions?  I don’t think so. They have had more time to process the facts, their interpretations and the interpretations of people around them. If I’m going to ask someone about a complicated issue, I’m more likely to go to someone who has got a Masters than someone who has done one PTC subject. But how do you think their ideas were formed? By reading, listening and talking. All of it done in community. And so we learn from their wisdom and experience, just as a year 8 student can teach me about technology much more than my father can. We are all experts at something.

But I digress, as I often do. I think we should constantly live in a conversation. We should engage with the world and we should engage with each other as much as we can. There are endless examples to consider and later in the week I will think about two signs that I’ve seen recently, but if we simply listen and never talk, or always talk and never listen, then what’s the point?

Tim Hughes wrote a song called ‘Everything’. The refrain is simply “Be my everything…” and I suppose, that if I want Christ to be my everything, that I need to reconcile myself to him, myself to others and I also need to understand how if God is in everything the world is so contrary to what his will appears to be.

And so we talk and we listen. And God shapes our perception through those times. It isn’t only in sermons, bible studies and lectures that we learn, but it is over lunch, coffee and as we send arbitrary text messages before going to sleep. We are in a place of conversation, or at least we should be.


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