Five years…

It’s been five years. One friend says that it seems like a lifetime ago, and he’s right. It feels like we were all different people, living different lives. That day changed us all, and we’ve all continued to shift and change since. It’s weird to think that one day can be so monumental in so many people’s lives. It was the day when we learnt what it is like to lose a friend in a way that just didn’t make sense. It was the day when we sat staring at nothing, wondering when we would wake up. It was the day when it seemed like God had walked away for a coffee break and forgotten to look after us.

Today I’m remembering. I’m remembering days spent running around the streets of Dapto, doing nothing inparticular but laughing while doing it. I’m remembering a piggy back that went wrong and ended with both of us on the ground, sore and giggling while everyone else thought we were sobbing. I’m remembering leaving church to follow her as she cried about losing a friend and the smile that slowly came to her face as she remembered the good times with him, but kept on crying about the loss. I’m remembering that she told me she’d be there if I ever lost a friend. I’m remembering that when she saw that I had dyed my hair blonde she gasped and playfully slapped me.

There are a lot of things I remember. There are a lot of things I miss. It’s been five years and honestly, I’m still not sure why it happened and I’m sure I won’t know for a long time to come, if I ever know.

But I’m remembering.


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