I am told…

I am consistently told that I am not good enough. I am told that too much is broken and it cannot be fixed. I am told that I am too loud. I am told that I am too strange. I am told so many things. Some of them on paper, some of them in coversation and some of them in uncomfortable glances. These are the things I am told. They weigh on me and they make me wonder sometimes. They make me wonder if maybe they are right. If I am not good enough, if I am too broken or too loud or too strange.

But then something happens. Then God reminds me that all those that he use are not good enough, and it is not a life of perfection that we present, but we present the one who can redeem us in spite of our failure to be holy. God reminds me that the only people he can use are the broken ones – he reminds me that we all have scars and wounds and that as Dustin Kensrue wrote in the song For Miles, those scars are a bridge to someone’s broken heart. God reminds me that my voice is loud to preach the gospel boldly. God reminds me that I am strange, just as all his people are strange – this is not our home, we do not fit here and that is okay.

I am told many things.

But it is God’s voice that I need to listen to.


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