I think change is every breath that I breathe lately

She isn’t aware of how wise she is, but one of the most passionate people I know said this to me tonight and it got me thinking about change. It got me thinking about the nature of life with God. Change is inevitable, as an essay I wrote in my year 11 exams will tell you. Change, when it comes to belonging to God, is a whole other story. I think it is that every breath we breathe brings another change. Every moment God is shaping us. He is moving us towards where he wants us to be. Sanctifying us, if you want to get technical about the whole deal. We are moving toward eternity, but as we move, it is as if the wind and the waves of life are bringing us to something new… to something more hopeful, if we let God be the potter of our clay.

I have seen my friend come through a lot. I have seen her cry about broken friendships, and seen her wrecked with guilt over sin. I have seen her stumble and fall into trouble, and I’ve seen her sleep the trouble off in God’s capable hands. I’ve had the privledge of praying with her through the darkness and singing praise with her in the joy. Every breath she breathes brings change. God is shaping her and I am sure of it. God is shaping me and I am sure of it.

God is shaping you, and I am sure of that, as well.

Keep on changing.

Keep on breathing.


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