Get Naked.

At a youth leaders training day, we got told that we need to get naked with our teams. Before you yank my words out of context and tell me that I need to look over Faithfulness In Service for the ten millionth time, let me qualify. Emotionally naked, the speaker meant. It’s a big ask for anyone, and more often than not, it wont happen. It has to be a whole group being vulerable, or the embarassment will stick with everyone. Someone’s got to start. Someone has to follow.

When that happens, it’s awesome. It really, truly is – and I mean ‘awesome’ in the original sense of the word, not the flippant way I’d usually use it. I’ve experienced few moments where I am sure that God is present there, and has been present through the rest of the lives of those with me, than when we are sharing honest stories of joys, hurts, mistakes and triumphs.


It’s early and I’m not awake enough yet to tell you much else… but here’s the point.

Get naked with someone. But do keep your physical clothes on, please.


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