Worth Dying For

Yes, I am still loving Green Day.

On that note, 21 Guns asks the question “Do you know what’s worth fighting for, when it’s not worth dying for?” Or something of that sort. And the more time I spend, the more I realise that there is something worth dying for. It’s God. It is the blessings that come from him – in the form of the good or sometimes even the hurt, because something comes from that, whether it’s learning that the headache that you’re complaining about isn’t divine punishment but instead your bodies response to the crazy amounts of alcohol you drank last night or seeing that something that happened has a purpose after a few years.

Point is, there is something that’s worth it.

The more time I spend in community with God’s people the more I realise that.

And I do understand the rest of the feelings from the song. The desire to lay it all down and give up. Feeling like my faith has walked on broken glass. Having my breath taken away by a sharp pain.

But always, God helps the circle become complete and reminds me of his grace.

And that’s worth dying for.


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