New Directions begin to sing Don’t Stop Believing and it gives me goosebumps because I feel like I’ve been with them for a while now and this song means so much to them – and so to me. It is something strange that happens in us when characters that we could easily mistake to be friends are involved in a big moment of victory or discovery. There is elation as we come to the climax of this story and we don’t rest there, but we slide down to the other side – to the peaceful end where they get another year of Glee club (and another season of the show, which doesn’t hurt either…) and people hold hands or high five.

And of course, there’s singing. There’s always singing.

There is so much to be said for stories and what they do to us. There are stories that we are told that make us laugh. Some stories might make us cry. Some may do both. And if a story is just… nothing… enough, it might makes us beg for an ending. Stories always get a reaction from us. I’ve said this before, and Donald Miller has said it much better than I have, that our stories have a purpose and they have all the elements that a story like Glee has. Even with the music, if you’re as attached to your iPod as I am to mine.

I had the privledge of sharing my story with my church recently. There were many different reactions – from tears, to laughter, to grateful mutterings of ‘thank you’ accompanied by tender hugs, and even small smiles as the words ‘now I understand why you do what you do…’ pour from someone’s lips without full awareness of their meaning. I love sharing that story. Someone told me that they caught me smiling during a sad part, and I reminded them that I know the ending and so even in telling the tragedy the hope is still visible. There is an ending, too.

Tonight I had goosebumps as I sang along with the Journey medley in Glee (you know you did, too!) but that’s a small taste of what is to come. And the ending isn’t about me. The ending is where this suffocating self importance will fade away because everything will be new. Everything will be perfect. That concept is impossible to grasp, especially when the soundtrack to my week has been Green Day’s ’21 Guns’. Here’s the thing… the joy that is inspired by shows and by music and by… everything… can’t compare to the joy that I will feel when God shows up to make everything new. True elation.

But for now, there will be weeks when I sing about faith walking on broken glass, and there will be weeks when I refuse to stop believing… And I look forward to elation.

One day.

It is coming.


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