I forget…

I have a problem. I am broken, and often, I forget how broken I am. I get caught up in what I’m skilled at and what I’ve been through and what’s to come and I forget that I am broken and need grace more than I can ever know. But I forget. I don’t how how I manage to do that when everything I do is tainted with this sin of pride. I read the Bible and I say the right things and do the right things but my heart isn’t there, and even my mind isn’t there.

I forget.

Constantly forget.

God reminds me that I am broken. God reminds me that he loves me. And today he asks me to come home. Today he opens his arms and waits for repentance, not for living the wrong way, not for saying the wrong thing, but instead for forgetting that I’m nothing without Him. For forgetting that he is everything and that he calls not just for our lives but our hearts and minds and souls.

Sometimes, though, I forget.


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