Matchbook Romance, Threadless Shirts and Year 6 Scripture

I wore a Threadless shirt called Mic Chuck to scripture yesterday. You don’t need to tell me twice that it was a bad idea. You know how people like Adam Lazzara are uberskilled at throwing their mic around the stage without hitting the other band members too much? That, for those not-so-emo kids, is called mic chucking. There is a threadless shirt that represents it. The picture is of it. Before you rebuke me for bad clothing choices while doing ministry, I’d like to explain what connection it has with Matchbook Romance and my scripture class.

They asked about the t-shirt. I explained just what I explained to you and one of the boys rolled his eyes immediately and informed me that he hates screamo. One other person decided at that point that I was worthy of their respect because of my taste in music. Now as I reminice about being sixteen and listening to songs that made me cry but are now just fun like Monsters by Matchbook Romance I’m wondering if music is worth thinking about – not just the sort of music you use in your ministry, but the music that allows you to connect with the people you minister to. Now in the case of my taste, it either alienates me as an emo kid or brings me closer to someone else… But I know someone who shuns all forms of “weird music”, as he not so affectionately calls it, and listens to top 40 because he figures that if the masses like it, it must be okay. It’s actually a sound argument. He can then understand a lot of what’s happening in people’s musical minds, or the soundtrack to their lives at that current time.

(Hey, maybe there’s something to that… the popular music either influences the time, or more likely, the time influences the music?)

My year 6 class is torn when it comes to my questionable taste in music, but my inappropriate choice in t-shirt that day did lead to a shift in the class…

I think there’s something to it.

Thoughts, anyone? Without accusing me of joining the incarnational ministry club, please.


2 thoughts on “Matchbook Romance, Threadless Shirts and Year 6 Scripture

  1. James Castle says:

    To the untrained and uncultured, that t-shirt could appear to be of a guy vomiting while his friend comforts him. That is sending a message. It may not be the one that you’re intending.

    To those unfamiliar with both the genre, the sub-genre within and the even more particular intended meaning of the t-shirt, it would probably serve to distract or offend rather than to help you to relate (at least in general public life).

    When you added that the yr 6 kids have taken on emo music, I shuddered. Seriously? When did these kids surrender their childhood?

    There was an article in the Syd Morning Herald today that was arguing that the content in children’s PG movies is too violent and absurd. If 11 yr old’s are getting their screamo on, we have more to worry about than the amount of teeth on a shark in Finding Nemo.

    Does the ‘cool’ SRE teacher wearing a shirt that shows their support for a more teenage-focused band condone and encourage it? Possibly. I am interested to find out if some of the kids respond to your shirt by subscribing to the band.

    My general word to all SRE teachers is: dress like a teacher. We’re teachers and if we want to be treated like we are, our behaviour and dress should convey our intentions.

    I’m not really prepared to say that the shirt idea was inherently a good or bad one, but I will say that the safe option is going with a plain shirt.

    Whenever you’re heading off to SRE, just ask yourself: Would Andy Stevens approve? 😛


  2. tamaracorine says:

    the shirt was fairly thoughtless on my part. I grabbed a clean tshirt and that was it.

    Childhood was stolen a while back, too. It isnt recent. Kids are often more “grown up” than we are.


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