Faith of a Child, Life of a Godly Woman

Before college mission I considered myself a youth ministry only type of girl. After college mission I’m reassessing that standpoint and I think it extended dramatically – to children and to women my age and older. I also realise that not only do I have something to teach them, but that all those people have endlessly more to teach me than I can dream of teaching them. The difference is that they don’t know they’re doing it half the time.

The first of the challenges was a chapel with kindergarten to year 2. My task was a simple one: to introduce the team to the kids. By being excited about the people I was introducing, they were immediately excited. They adopt the feeling that you’re showing them and it is scary, but cool. After my apparently amusing introduction (one friend told me that it’s the first time they’ve seen me that animated, which either means I’m normally very flat or was particularly animated… Not sure which) someone did a talk about how God offers us freedom through Jesus. They didn’t ask questions, but they prayed for freedom, and they said thank you for Jesus and… it was that simple. It reminded me that faith isn’t about questions and doubt, but trust… That’s it. Simple.

At a progressive dinner, I had the privledge of seeing women come together to serve each other. For some it took the shape of preparing meals, and for others, it was breaking down age barriers and talking to someone they wouldn’t normally have anything to do with. They shared wisdom and they shared life and… being a part of that was amazing. I think it was an awesome experience of church, as it is meant to be.

It is simple. It is relational. It is Jesus’ offer of reconciliation to him, and to each other through him. It is… well, epic.


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