Music is a great functional god. You can pick the music to match your mood, and because of the uncanny match in mood, you believe that your god understands you. You can pick music that contrasts your current mood and it will help to change your mood and so your god lifts you out of the pit. I’m currently listening to Brand New, one of the bands that I’ve liked for about five years now. They’re great – pessimistic, quirky and sometimes fun. I’m not in that mood, but I used to be always in that mood… It got me thinking about the whole functional god thing.

Last week I spent an afternoon hanging out with two students, and one of them was easy for me to talk to because he was wearing a Slipknot shirt and the language of music is one that I understand and something that’s easy to use when building relationships with people. While he was on a jumping castle myself and his friend looked through his iPod and I learnt a lot about his worldview, his personality and the sort of person he’d like to be – and yes, an iPod can tell you all that. I think it is easy for teenagers to commit to the god of music because it can be an escape from the world or help them to engage with the world. If I’m honest with you, I sometimes miss when music was everything to me because it was easy to control, easy to make sense of and never let me down.

Then along comes God. The Creator, Savior and Counsellor. The one who I often have to answer questions about with ‘some things are secret, you know…’ He doesn’t always make sense as far as I can tell, even though I’m confident that he does always make sense in real perception, mine is just messed up. He can’t be controlled because he’s the one in control, and he is working for the good of his people and he wont push us beyond what we can handle but sometimes I think he’s just trying to push me away with the things that happen. He doesn’t let me down.

Music is an easier god to have than the one true God because you don’t need to have a relationship with it. You can change the song or you can buy a new album, but with God he is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is God.

I miss music as a god sometimes, but only when I’m tired and confused… but it doesn’t take long to realise that music can’t save me, but God already has.

God has saved me.


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