The Lord is King

I studied today. I even made cards that have questions and answers because that means I’ve written out the same stuff twice and am about to do it a third time, and apparently three times is the amount required to get something into your memory properly. So three times it is, I suppose. And then more when I decide to obsess over the study cards that I made today.

One of the goals I’ve had this semester is to not leave all of the things that I learn as head knowledge, but to force feed it further down to my heart. In the two hours or so I spent looking as Psalm 99 I’ve got to be honest, I memorised the structure of it as I perceive it and looked at the literary features and thought about what it means that it is a Psalm of enthronement.

I didn’t really engage a whole lot when it comes to the heart. But I’ll take a stab at something and it wont be profound but I think it is true.

God is king. It’s a simple fact and its also one that I tend to ignore because… honestly, it seems irrelevant today. We don’t really have much of an idea of what a king does because the image is outside of our experience for the most part. We know queens, but even then they’re useless, and can we really call God a queen without someone ringing a heresy bell? No, I don’t think so. Unless you’re part of that group that was at college one weekend and left your leaflets lying around about how we need to worship God the Mother. Then it’s okay.

But for everyone else, it isn’t.

Anyway, the point is that God is in control and I always think of Deltora Quest when I think of kings because there was this guy Lief who suddenly found out that he was rightful king of Deltora and then wanted to change everything for everyone because he’d lived in the poverty of it all and… well, yeah. He was this compassionate king who really couldn’t fix things without finding gems for the belt that someone had made long long ago. God doesn’t need the gems, because he’s already in control. I think we’ve lost that somewhere along the line and a lot of the world assumes that God has stepped back and is just watching the world fall to crap.

He isn’t.

God is king.

He is in control.

Psalm 99 will tell you so if you let it.

It will also tell you that oceans can sing.


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