Did you know that God wants us to laugh? He really does. It’s in the Bible. I don’t think we do it, enough though. Or at least I don’t. Apparently being godly means being superserious all the time, or that’s how I think sometimes. There’s a clear statement of it in Ecclesiastes, though. There’s a time to laugh and a time to cry, right?

Monday night I laughed a whole lot and it felt good. It felt good to jump in leaves and sing loudly and be goofy. Apparently, this is seen as immaturity by a lot of people and maybe they’re right, but maybe they’re not.

I think when people can cry together it shows a deep friendship. I think when people can laugh and cry together it shows something even deeper, because in spite of knowing each others scars and brokenness, you still find joy in each others company and maybe there is something to that. Maybe we are meant to be like that in this messy community that we’re shoved into here on earth, here in the church.

Do you think Jesus laughed with the disciples?

Do you think Paul, Timothy and Titus ever laughed together?

Do you laugh with those you are led by, with those you lead and with your peers?

I love to laugh.

I should do it more often.


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