Some may say that using a DVD for scripture is wrong. I don’t, not today at least. I’m showing a group of year 8 students Louie Giglio’s “Fruitcake & Ice Cream”. It’s about grace and how God exercises that grace through Jesus. It got me thinking.

Grace is one of the biggest stumbling blocks people have when it comes to knowing God. It isn’t because the offer is too good, but because we’re too proud to admit that we need grace. We want to earn it because the world tells us that we earn everything we get – good or bad. Did you know that even Christian teenagers mostly believe in karma… One article I read put belief in karma even with belief in Jesus’ resurrection. But there’s grace and it comes in our faces and tells us that we can’t earn it, but that we are being offered it because  of the great exchange that took place on the cross.

Of course, there is a catch. Once you get this grace… not just recieve it, but when you GET it, it will change you. That doesn’t mean you are obliged to become a plastic Christian when you accept grace. But if you truly understand what happened in Jesus’ death and resurrection, things will change. God will help you become more like Christ. Grace, by Louie Giglio’s definition that sort of works, but not always, is God at work. His grace isn’t just evident on the cross and the empty tomb, but we see it every day as God convicts us of our pride and helps us to be humble. Grace is shown in the rain, grace is in a hug, grace is… well, the things we recieve from God that we don’t deserve but are given anyway.

But it’s a stumbling block. Because we want to earn it.

Just accept it.

I’m talking to myself here, too.


2 thoughts on “Grace.

    • tamaracorine says:

      Sadly the bell rang before we got to the end of it…
      But that means we get to spend a lot of next week chatting.


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