Sing Like You Think No One’s Listening

Do you ever sing in the shower? I used to when I lived alone. It was a lot of fun, because as I’m sure you know, the acoustics in a bathroom are epic. The problem was that I lived next door to a pre-school where people I went to church with worked, so they would occasionally overhear my singing and I’d be pulled out of my daydream by their giggles. I think it’s hard to sing like you think no one’s listening when you’re singing alone.

There is something that is fairly new to be, but ritual for the lovely Year 13ers. It’s called a shower conference. Basically, people shower at the same time (seperate cubicles for you mean people out there), and they sing. I’ve only had the pleasure of overhearing them a few times, but they’re pretty impressive. Bohemian Rhapsody could not only be heard from the girls side of the showers, but also over in the lecture rooms. While this may annoy some, I think it’s impressive, and not just because those guys can actually sing.

While singing alone doesn’t always feel right, and there’s always an edge of care when you’re doing it, singing together has a whole other meaning to it. It means there are people who will cover up if you forget the words, and laugh with you when someone completely misses the high notes that only Queen could get right. It means you can sing in parts. It means you can sing together, it means you can sing in harmony with each other.

Now that I’ve creeped out any Year 13 guys who stumble across this, I’ll get to the point. There are communities that don’t feel right, and there’s something about them that we know needs to be fixed but we can’t put our fingers on it. I think we’re too busy trying to sing solo, or to not sing at all because we’re afraid people will hear us. I think our egos are so big that we can’t sing a song that might be a little bit goofy.

I think we need to suck it up and sing the same song, at the same time, just because that’s how we were made to sing. Together, alongside each other, bearing each others burdens, laughing together… If we stop being so proud and trying to be the smartest, best, strongest leader, maybe… just maybe… we’ll get somewhere. It doesn’t have to be a song, but if you know me you know I would greatly enjoy it. Shower Conferences are a little crazy. But aren’t God’s people meant to be?


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