For a college student, I don’t write intellectually. It isn’t that I can’t think in that way, but I prefer to engage with emotions. One of my friends says that it’s because I’m secretly charismatic. Another friend says I’m just a little bit emo. Point is, that if you’re after awesome apologetic answers, I probably couldn’t give you many, but I can tell you these things:

Jesus loves you – not in the insincere way that makes you cringe when someone says that to you, but he loves you more than you can possibly understand, but in a real, solid, more solid than you can comprehend way.

Logic isn’t everything – Reason works for a lot of people, but a lot of the time, behind questions that people ask, there is more. D.A Carson’s introduction to his book How Long, O Lord? hits on this a bit. He says that his book isn’t for those who are in the midst of suffering and looking for a theological reason for suffering. He says that those people should simply read the Psalms and understand that God gets suffering. Just the same, when a year 6 student whose grandfather is in hospital dying asks where God is in suffering, you don’t break out the Carson book… you do engage their emotion, and save the nerdy explanation for later.

Emotions aren’t always helpful – God is a God of truth, not a God of emotion. Dietrich Bonhoeffer said that, and even though reading his book was one of the most challenging things I’ve done, I think he’s right. What he means isn’t that God lacks in emotion, he means that while our opinion of God may be swayed by our emotions – when life is good, God is good, when life is bad, God is bad – God’s character does not depend on our emotions. He is a God of truth, and he endures, as does his character.

Did I mention that Jesus loves you?


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