Lean On Me

For the record, yes, I am listening to Glee again and Lean on Me is on.

Have you ever needed to rely on someone else? It’s something a lot of us struggle with. We don’t want to trust in the people God’s placed around us and we don’t want to cry out to God because that would mean that we’re not perfect. We don’t want to admit that something is wrong, whether it is our fault or not. There’s a lesson that we all need to learn, though. It’s one that was firmly planted into my head in a lecture last year. Are you ready for this big revelation?

It’s not about you, stupid.

Direct quote there. I’m not calling all of you readers stupid. Or am I? Who knows.

We’re all put into these families. My hobby horse here is that church is family. It’s one that I will firmly remain on until I stop thinking the Bible is God’s inspired Word. Anyone want to knock me off? There’s the huge universal church, which is every Christian ever. The ones you’ve never met, the ones in the pentecostal church down the road, and the ones in deepest darkest Africa. Then there’s the local church. And that’s your church. The one you go to every Sunday. There’s small groups within that church and there’s friends in that church. I think God gives us those intentionally. Not so we can smile through a sermon that’s hit a nerve, but so that we can be a group of people who lean on each other and lean on God.

I hate being told to smile in church. I despise being told to clap during songs. I put my hands in my pockets when I’m told to raise them. It doesn’t feel genuine. It just… doesn’t. I sat silently through a youth leaders meeting last year because two days ago something had shattered me and left me stunned. I forgot to breathe during a sermon about suicide, where the preacher had gone on a tangent and was talking about self harm. I have sat with a friend as they cried at Bible study because something scary had just happened. I’ve cried with a friend through church because we didn’t know how to say how hurt we were any other way.

Stop trying to be perfect. You’re not.

Lean on God, and lean on the people he’s given you to lean on.

They’re probably pretty great leaning posts.

I hear their sleeves make good tissues, too.

…Still listening to Glee, by the way. 🙂



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