“Just is.”

There are two children in the world that I will spend lots of time around, and very happily do so. There’s Mia, who’s just over one, and then Levi, who if I’m correct, is almost four. Levi went through a phase last year where all he did was ask insane amounts of questions that really never had a clear-cut answer. You would respond, and he would come back with “but why?!” Eventually, his Mum worked out the solution. To end the conversations, her answer would be “just is, Levi. Just is.”

I often wish my scripture classes understood that sometimes, even though they ask “but why?” over and over and over, that there just isn’t an answer. I want to tell them that it “just is”. Sometimes, I need to be told “just is.” Especially when it comes to the messy stuff like predestination (to which the answer is simply, yes, by the way). I could go into all the questions that I can’t possibly give comphrehensive answers to, or I could explain why “just is” can be more valid of an answer than forcing an 11 year old to read Calvin’s Institutes.

Second option wins.

God knows everything. It’s one of those annoying things about him that we can’t change, and we wish we could stop him from knowing certain things about us, but… he knows everything. There is one person with all the answers and surprisingly, it isn’t John Calvin. God has revealed certain things to us in a whole lot of different ways. We can understand things like, maybe gravity, through reason. We can understand a whole lot of things through sceince and all the crazy experiments they’ve done. We can delve further into the way our brains work through psychology. We can get into our imaginations by using them with different sorts of art. We can understand a lot.

But why is there suffering?

But how do you know God is actually there?

But who created God?

There are long theological answers to each of those questions – except the last, I think… But at the same time after all the follow up questions we will be left with “just is.” as our concluding statement, making us look like idiots and the listener uncertain of our knowledge. Truth is, that there’s some things that God chooses to keep secret. Deuteronomy 29:29 will tell you do. And even John Calvin quoted that in his Institutes. But… BUT… he does reveal a lot and that stuff is for us and for, according to Moses (if he did write Deuteronomy… My OT knowledge sort of fails), our children.

It’s Sunday morning and my train of thought isn’t exact, but here’s the point.

Sometimes, it just is. God said I am who I am and we need to say that it just is that way, and point people to God’s faithfulness everywhere else and you know what? If we knew everything we’d be proud and puffed up and try to be our own gods… and you see how that works today in people like Dawkins. Be humble. Follow God. And that’s just how life should be.

We wont have all the answers, but God is love. Jesus is Lord and Savior.


Just. Is.

‘If you think you’ve got Him all figured out, it’s not God’ – Augustine?


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