First to be Last to be First to be Last…

Ah, the paradoxes of Christianity. Jesus told his disciples that the first in the Kingdom had to be last. The king needed to be the servant. The highest needed to be the lowest. It’s crazy and makes very little sense by most people’s standards. Most people live life to get ahead and to meet their own goals, but Jesus challenges that view and that instinct in us by telling us that the greatest in the kingdom is the one who serves. Jesus, the greatest, washed his disciples feet! We need to be about humility. We need to be humble. We need to… change. Or at least I need to.

I have a tendency to want to be the smartest. I have a bad habit of putting others down so that I look better. I have a habit of saying I way too much.

It isn’t easy to admit that. It isn’t easy to make it public. But we’re  a community, right? We’re meant to help each other out. Here it goes. Here WE go. It isn’t about me, it’s about you, and you are not about you, you’re about God and that means we’re all about God and unified in purpose and love and… all the glory is meant to go to one place… God, not me or you.

It is Sunday night and tomorrow is college. Not about me. About God. Lectures are not about my grades, but about knowing God more. Community isn’t about my comfort, but about looking after my brothers and sisters… Yeah, it wont be perfect. But hold me to it, please?

First to be last to be first to be last to be first to be last to be…

Well, that’s the paradox of the Kingdom, right?


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