The Problem of Intellect

“Late at night, talking to one person, I can slip a bit on theology when it comes to the gospel… but I need to get it right sometimes, like in exams.”

Get it right in EXAMS? Seriously, T? That’s the time you think of getting the gospel right? What about uh… life? What about telling people who don’t believe the gospel?

That’s the problem of intellect. We spend so much time thinking about grades and exams that we lose sight of what really matters. I was challenged about it this week and the challenge hasn’t stopped ringing in my ears. How do we study theology and not lose sight of the groundwork that is loving God and loving others? Does it mean we need to study more so that it has time to hit home? Does it mean we need to study less so that our brain isn’t overworked?

Here’s a thought, and it’s the theory I’m leaning towards right now… What is my purpose for being at college? Often, I would respond ‘to study the Bible’. But my purpose needs to shift to something that actually glorifies God as God and doesn’t place intellect or the Bible above him. How about a new purpose? ‘To know God more.’ And yeah, all the study comes underneath that because as I understand His word and the headache that is theology, I know little bits more about God’s character and his heart for his people.

Ask me again about when the time is to get the gospel right…

I promise you, the answer will change.

I hope yours does, too.


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