If you didn’t know this about me, I’m shocked. I love coffee. I drink about two cups a day, which is much less addicted than a lot of people that I know, but it’s also more than a lot of people I know. I’ve got this ritual of waking up, making coffee and then the day can actually start. But thinking about this, shouldn’t there be more to this thoughtless ritual than just waking up?

Now, I would never say that my love of coffee is bad. It’s amazing (and I could stop anytime I wanted to… I swear… Maybe…). But my waking thought should be about God. Maybe when I drink coffee, I need to have a Bible with me and make that my time to chill with God and coffee. Because, when you consider it, a lot of ministry is done over coffee, so why can’t God minister to me over coffee?

That’s my challenge for the next week. No God-time, no coffee. I would like to pretend that I’m uberspiritual and disciplined with this stuff, but I’m not. I’m horrible at it and just trying to find ways to get it done. I love God’s word, but the action of actually picking it up and reading and reflecting and praying seems to take a lot more effort than it should.

That’s the challenge.

Also, loving the latest Passion album, Awakening. Check it out.


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