Femininity #2: Worldly Words

“Because you’re worth it,” says the add for Loreal cosmetics. Are you? Are you really worth it? Personally, I prefer Cover Girl anyway, but “easy, breezy, beautiful” asserts a lot less than Loreal’s campaign does and it saturates Australian media a whole lot less. The world tells us that we are worth more if we wear better make up, if we have smaller pores, if we have whiter teeth… If, if, if. Conditional worth is what it is, and there’s always another condition.

Think about it. Think about how you wish you could look. Think about your hair, your eyes, your nose, your lips, your teeth, and everything down to the soles of your feet. So many things that will never be perfect. The world’s words to us are that our worth is conditional. The world tell us that our beauty depends on nothing but physicality. Is that all we are? Is that all we’re worth? Is that what creates our worth?

First lesson to learn is this… That the world’s words lie to us when it comes to what it means to be feminine and beautiful.

Now we need to look at God’s standards. But first, what lies has the world told you about yourself?


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