A Theology of Femininity

A Facebook conversation…

ive been thinking about clothing.
my habit for years has been jeans and a t-shirt because im scared to dress another way
but do you think God intends us to be feminine in some ways…? that he gives us that inclination?
i like asking questions
answers are overrated
I think that God expects us to be feminine in our characters, we’re to be nurturing, loving, hospitable, willing to submit etc. There’s no need for us to dress or look a certain way, but i think that we do have the inclination to dress certain ways, the same way that women are typically drawn to certain jobs. But not everyone is that way, we’re all unique, so i think it’s as much a personal thing as a gender thing.
lol, i love questions too! and i like when people ask questions that really make you think and want to figure out an answer
what’s your take on it?
i think there’s enough in the bible that warns women against adorning themselves too much and focusing on outer beauty too much that its obvious that we do naturally sway towards vanity…
and there’s MUCH less when it comes to guy, so the gender difference is totally there… so i guess, i think, maybe, that God intends a difference between men and women… and that, maybe MAAAYBE, part of ‘serving’ our future husbands is making an effort to look half decent
but that, as you said, the heart and character matter more than outside
heart first, looks last.
yeah, i like your answer we had a sermon series on marriage last year because our church has had some issues with it, and they talked about serving spouses by looking good for them, but serving them first in love
if we serve spouses by looking good, does looking good also play a part in the uh… courting, i suppose, side of life?

That’s an unedited conversation of questions and answers off the top of our heads. Often there are topics that we think about but are not able to ask about because it seems stupid, but I love being able to talk with friends about them even though it is a little scary to do. Here is my mission for the next few weeks, then… A theology of femininity. I want to answer my own questions, and answer the questions other people ask about what it means to be a girl living for God today.

Thoughts? Questions? Insights?

Let’s do this.

The questions so far:

What part does appearance play in girl/guy relationships as friends, girlfriends and then spouses?

What does weight have to do with… anything?

Does God call us to be feminine in personality?


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