Plain and Simple… (Old one)

Tonight I was reminded that my life is not one of obligation, but one of opportunity. It isn’t because I am forced to that I talk about Jesus with my friends, it’s because I love Jesus, and it really is that simple. For the same reason, I go into schools to do scripture, lunchtime groups and breakfast clubs. It is nothing to do with college, it is nothing to do with church, it has everything to do with the fact that I love Jesus.

When I do anything that is not motivated by that love, and by the love he has for me, that is when I am doing something wrong. That doesn’t mean I will always find it easy to do what he calls me to do – what he gives me opportunity to do by calling me His child – but it does mean that His love is the reason for everything, whether it be upfront preaching or sitting down with someone on a train and chatting to them about their day.

So here it is.
Here’s what I want to do: I want to love Jesus more and more. I want Him to be the centre of every thought, every action, of every breath. I want to know more fully than anything else that he is Lord and Savior, and I want that to show in my life.

God has called me to be part of His family, part of His chosen people, and I will be a hand reaching out to the lost, to the lonely, to those who think they have it altogether but are sorely mistaken. I will be His person. I am His person.

Tonight I was reminded that my life is not my own, but that it belongs to God. Tomorrow, I want this to be echoing in my mind and in my heart. In ten years, I want it to still be there.

I love Jesus Christ.
That’s it.
Plain, simple, beautiful.
I love Jesus Christ.


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