Where Is Your God?

Click here to see the video.

Check this out. I always think of the Psalms as if someone has read them out in church – tends to be flat and unemotional, but this poem that’s a reflection on a Psalm reminds me that when the Psalms were written they were cries to God… Of distress, of praise, of anger, of joy… Raw cries to God.

New light.


One thought on “Where Is Your God?

  1. penneymarie says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. You’re right that God is faithful, but that sometimes it seems like He’s slow to act. We are in the middle of waiting again, but He seems to be giving us more grace this time. Of course, we don’t have people waiting for us to get out of their house yet, either! We have until Aug. 1 to move somewhere else, but my husband may get another job in the next couple of weeks far from where we live now. We keep having to wait to find out where the next job will be and where our next “home” will be. We’re still trying to find home, too. I read that you were wrestling with what HOME really means. We have been searching for home for several years now. I pray that you find the place that you can call home. If you think of us, please pray that God would take us to the place that is perfect for us, our place in this world even though this world is not our home.


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