Is it about you?

God just doesn’t complete me like he used to.

Someone I care about told me recently that God doesn’t complete her like he used to. My immediate response, at least in my mind, was a catch phrase used in a theology lecture about worship last year; “It’s not about you, stupid.” I didn’t verbalise this to her, but her words are still bouncing around my mind about a week later. Why? There’s two theories I’ve got about that.

One is that her words, and her reason for walking away, echo a feeling that I often have. After such a crazy year, I am not feeling sure of anything or comforted or secure, but I don’t walk away simply because I know God is sure and he is comforting and that I am secure in his hands – even if I don’t feel that way. That doesn’t mean the temptation to walk away isn’t present for me, or present for every other committed Christian, whether they are in ministry or not.

Theory two is that her view is prevalent among a lot of young believers, and maybe older, but I can’t speak for that demographic just yet. Their faith is not about God, it is about them feeling complete. John Dickson says that the most important doctrine in the Bible is monotheism – that is, the belief that there is only one God. That is the root of why we believe and why we encourage others to believe. If there is one God, then how can we live in a way that is not under his rightful Lordship? It doesn’t make sense to live another way. Any other way is leading to disappointment at best in a fanciful fantasy, and death in the cruel, but chosen, reality. This means that is isn’t about us. It is about God, and our love for and submission to him.

Our faith cannot rest upon our emotions – or all females would need to recommit to God after PMSing – and our faith cannot revolve around our own need for fulfillment, because while God does promise he will ‘complete’ us, that promise stands to be fulfilled upon the return of Jesus, and only given to those who endure in the faith until that time.

I may not always feel complete… but how can I stop taking steps towards the God who I am sure of in the deepest part of me, even if sometimes I falter in my trust for him and love of him…

What about you?

Is it about you? Or is it about God?


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