Marriage (uh oh, you say)

Katy Perry is marrying Russell Brand, and that isn’t news I really care about, but something she said sent my mind wandering on a whole other tangent – she said that she’s marrying him because she finally found a man who can lead her. Not only is this proof that she’s still got some of those PK characteristics in her, but it also brings up something I think about occasionally and am now thinking about this morning.

There is a clear call in the Bible for the husband to be the leader in a marriage, and that isn’t something I would debate or think of disagreeing with,  because in truth – I like it. But in today’s culture women are almost equal to men in role and prominence in society, so we have more freedom to have big, loud personalities and I think those make it harder to be led. Keep in mind I want to be corrected with this, because it’s just a thought more than something I’ve researched well. I have a loud personality, so does this mean that to be marriage material I need to quiet it down, or find someone louder or more dominant than me? It’s confusing.

My loud personality comes from being ignored, and so to get attention I ended up loud and that became natural to me – no longer to get attention, but just the way I respond to things. Is this something I should change?

No answers, only questions today…


3 thoughts on “Marriage (uh oh, you say)

  1. Paul Robinson says:

    The very fact that the man ought to lead is the reason why a wife needs to be strong and outspoken. Marry a reasonable husband, keep your loud personality, but back him whole-heartedly in his decisions.

    PS. Got here via Naked Pastor. Hi!


  2. Harrison says:

    Yo T, wazzup? Found yo blog through twitter which I use once in a full moon =] anyways I agree with what that dude Paul said. No not Biblical Paul, I agree with him too, but Mr. Robinson. Keep being loud!! That’s the T we love and I’m sure your future husband will love and wouldn’t want to change. Being loud isn’t mutually exclusive to being respectful


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