I feel like I have never had a real family. Part of me wonders if I was ever adored by my parents in the way that I see kids being treated when I’m around my friend’s families. I want that experience so much, and I know that my experience of it will not be had in recieving the love – but in giving it. As soon as I think about that, though, I have an echo of 1 John 3:1 in my head, the exhortation that we are children of God… Adopted into his family, and I have realised more than ever that this family I’ve been adopted into has been more than I ever realised they could be.

There are two things I am sure of: This year was tough. This year I was blessed more than ever.

People pray for me, some of whom I’ve never met. People gave me furniture, towels and anything else that I needed. People spent time with me when I was down. People gave me a push forward when all I wanted to do was sit down.

I am certain that my family are… here.


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