“You’re a lot more punk rock than I am,” says Amy.

I frown a little and look at the crowd at the Mest concert, who all look a whole lot more punk than me… “I’m punk by church standards, but not by concert standards.”

That gives you a bit of a glimpse into where I was on Friday. I had the night off youth group to go to a concert of a band that Amy and I have loved since we were 13 or so – we’re now 20. Scary, huh? It was a great night and has made me pretty nostalgic about the times when I went to gigs or just spent nights in my bedroom listening to music and writing fan fiction. Yes, I was that kid.

Right now I’m sitting in the church office filling in time before band practice by watching live videos of Mest – the band we saw on Friday night. The energy in the crowd is electric, and it’s making me wish I was there again, but then I think a bit more about what’s going on… It feels good at the time, but then you’re back to reality, hanging out until the next show when you can escape. And I can remember that outside those moments where I was lost in my own world, life sucked.

Today I’m playing bass at the youth service, and the 7:15 service. Sure, there are no fancy lights. There’s less of a mosh pit. But… we’re worshipping in that moment, and if we’ve got something right, then those moments aren’t the only ones we’re getting lost in God’s glory.

Sure, sometimes I think maybe I picked the wrong path.

But… I didn’t. I know I didn’t, because my life isn’t about those single, rare moments.

It’s about living every moment, for God.


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