10 Contradictions

1. I am stepping up to responsibilities, but stepping into weakness.

2. I am finding my footing, and falling into God’s grace all the more.

3. My family seem to have abandoned me, but I’ve never felt more surrounded by family.

4. My heart is singing God’s praise, but my hands are firmly planted in my pockets.

5. I am completely unprepared for exams but feeling more and more confident by the hour.

6. The future is uncertain but I know where I’m going.

7. I want to be healthier, but my motivation is lacking.

8. I am more and more convinced of God’s love daily, but feel it less and less as time goes on.

9.I know more, but there is more that I know I don’t know.

10. I am meant to be studying, but am instead watching Blade…


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